پنج شنبه، 21 فروردین 1399 / 2020 April 9
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Introducing the Secretariat of Assembly of Experts and its Related Institutions

Introducing the Secretariat of Assembly of Experts and its Related Institutions
The secretariat of Assembly of Experts is a legal institution which works under supervision of the Administrative Board of the Assembly. It has been established to carry out its responsibilities in the law and missions given to it and also organize different issues related to the Assembly. Some of the Secretariat’s duties are:
Part 1
1. Organizing all issues related to the Assembly, commissions, Administrative Board, being in contact with the chairman, and establishing reciprocal relations between commissions, Administrative Board and the Assembly.
2. Managing the relationships between the Assembly, commissions, boards and members with the supreme Leader and with different institutions in the country.
3. Cooperating with officials in charge of holding elections in the Assembly following the code of election
4. Introducing the Assembly of Experts
5. Publishing and distributing the Assembly’s statutes custom made or in full according to the Assembly’s regulations and also passing related news to mass media under supervision of the authorities.
6. Conducting research about the topic of the Islamic government and especially the principle of wilayat-e faqih; publishing and disseminating the mentioned researches in appropriate ways; elaborating the concept of wilayat-e faqih in academic societies inside and outside the country and among common people according to the policies of the Commission for Investigating Ways of Protecting the Principle of Welayat-e Faqih after the approval of the administrative board.
7. Preparing a bulletin containing news and reports related to leadership, the Supreme Leader’s representatives, related institutions, political, international and national issues which can help promotion of the Experts’ vision in their decision making.

Part 2
A.    Preparing the agendas for ordinary and emergency meetings of the Assembly and submitting them to the administrative Board
B.    Providing reports and required references in jurisprudential, social and political issues and about the responsibilities of the Experts for the members of the Administrative Board, the chairman of the Assembly and the Experts.
C.    Preparing the records of the meetings of the Assembly, commissions and committees
D.    Keeping, classifying and archiving documents and also statutes of the Assembly and commissions using necessary equipment
E.    Providing texts and material required for announcing the Assembly’s positions, for Administrative Board and for preparing draft of announcements.
F.    Preparing the organizational plan of the Secretariat to submit to the Administrative Board for approval